Marin Marireis NFT Collection Is Now Live!
PATRIC CHAN, Internet Marketing pioneer & best-selling author
Ready to own a piece of PatricNFT history? 

This is going to be my first "big launch" for an NFT collection under PatricNFT, but frankly, it's not for me but for my children. Marin Marireis NFT Collection is based on their hand-drawn arts. With that in mind, I have even bigger reason to make it a success and this will benefit you as the collector!

On this page, I'll prepared for you these details:

1. PREPARATION - How to get ready to buy in OpenSea

2. The top 7 reasons for collecting Marin Marireis NFT Collection
Don't know what NFTs are?
If you have never buy an NFT before, watch this videos on how to buy NFT in Opensea, you can use credit card to fund your crypto wallet.
Step #1: Metamask Account
You can skip this video tutorial if you already have a Metamask account. Metamask is a crypto account to store your Ethereum and blockchain transaction history.
Step #2: How To Buy An NFT In By Using A Credit Card To Fund Your Crypto Wallet
The video tutorial below will show you how to buy an NFT in OpenSea. Please note that you'll need to have a Metamask Wallet to purchase. For relatively low price NFT, if you do not have any Ethereum, you can just use credit card to make the purchase.
(Optional) Step #3: How To Buy Ethereum And How To Transfer Ethereum To Metamask Wallet
This is an optional tutorial because you can use credit card to buy NFT directly in OpenSea (unless it's an expensive NFT, the credit card may not go through). But I'm including this video tutorial because in the future, if you would like to buy NFT with Ethererum directly, then you'll need to know how to buy Ethereum and how to transfer it from Ascendex crypto exchange to your Metamask wallet.
The Top 7 Reasons for Collecting Marin Marireis NFT Collection

1. We Promote for You Too

All Marin Marireis NFTs minted will continue to be showcased and promoted in the PatricNFT collection and in OpenSea. If you are the owner and you put the NFT on Sale, your "On Sale" will be promoted there.

2. PatricNFTs Are Proven to Sell

The other collection under PatricNFT is the WakeUp Millionaire NFT Collection and many of the NFTs have already been sold successfully. It is proven collectors want to get in at the early stage.

3. Authentic Arts Will Be Even More Appreciated in The Future

If you've listened to one of Elon Musk's interviews, the skill that he suggested to learn is art. Because art will not be replaced by technology (for authentic art). All Marin Marireis NFTs (MM NFT for short) are human hand-drawn arts by Marin and Marireis, 12 and 10 years old.

Real hand-drawn art will take hours and sometimes, days just to draw one piece, similarly to advanced beautiful digital art.

My prediction is this - the more human beings are becoming advanced, the more they'll appreciate authenticity as it becomes a rare commodity.

4. They Are Only 12 and 10 Years Old

Imagine you are able to invest in the arts and properties of artists and influencers BEFORE they become famous?

Not that I want to brag, not only do they have the artistic talent for value, but also it's my mission to parent and guide them to become successful when they grow up.

Just for a trivia fact - one of Marireis’ hand-drawn works of art gets 8,000 LIKES organically in a Facebook Group*.

*If you don't believe me, just email me and I'll give you the URL to the Facebook Group for artists.

Marin has a video channel that gets more video views than my YouTube channel. :-)

5. Humbly, I'm A Successful Creator and Internet Marketing Pioneer

Humbly, I've built a decent success as a Creator including authored 3 best-selling books and spoken as a speaker in 12 countries. So, I'll know how to build MM NFT, too. Other than this, I understand social media marketing, digital marketing and promoting products online profitably. The better I can promote MM NFT, the more valuable your collection towards it will be.

6. I Am Here for the LONG TERM and for My Children

I'm here for the long term which means we'll continue to build the PatricNFT project and Marin Marireis NFT Collection. Furthermore, my children are only 12 and 10, they'll probably continue to build until they become adults!

With my expertise, I'll be building a brand for the MM NFT for product merchandising opportunities in the future, too.

7. Be Part of The Community For Arts And Entrepreneurship (Kids And Parents)

As a collector, you'll be able to join the Marin Marireis NFT Community with a lot future perks. These could include hand-drawing lessons for kids, interacting with Marin Marireis, other kids' project opportunities, supporting charity and the underprivileged at later stage, entrepreneurial classes for kids and parents, priority to future NFT drops and so on. This could also include getting digital books and courses of mine for free.
Not only you'll get these 6 bonuses but also collected the NFT as a digital asset as well. I think it's the best deal ever. :-)

Truth is, I'm only doing this big bonus package because I want to impress my 2 daughters for their arts and encourage them to continue drawing and getting started with entrepreneurship. So here are the bonuses...

BONUS #1: Operation Recession Takeover 3.0 Worth $199

I created Operation Recession Takeover 1.0 back in 2020, to help my students to make money online during the economic downturn. Then I created 2.0 in 2021 and now, I'll be creating 3.0 as another "recession" is nearing in 2022. The formula is based on choosing a product that has a need in the market, it's affordable and can be promoted online. I'll be teaching a BRAND NEW SYSTEM in Operation Recession Takeover 3.0, nothing related to 1.0 and 2.0.

BONUS #2: How To Create A Book Workshop Worth $499

This is a live virtual workshop where I'll be teaching how to create a book, including how to use "print on demand" to ship, this way, you don't need to keep inventory.

You don't need to be an author, but with a book, there are so many things you can achieve with it - gives you credibility, generate leads, build a book funnel or simply by just selling it to generate income!

The workshop will be from 10.00 AM to 4.00 PM Msia/Sg time, with a lunch break in between. The date will be announced later.

BONUS #3: The Build Your Business Bundle Worth $991

There are 3 ways HOW you can start your online digital business successfully. They are...

1. Affiliate Marketing - This is the simplest way to start a digital business simply because it doesn't require you to have your own product. You could be generating commissions for recommending other people's products online.

2. Live Class - If you have your own content, then the best way to get customers is by getting them to attend live classes that can be done over the internet.

3. Social Media, Mainly Facebook - The giant of social media is none other than Facebook and it is the platform that you can use to get leads and sales from all around the world!

In the Build Your Business Bundle, you'll get a bundle of my 3 top courses - the CB Super Affiliate Training, One Class Away and Social Media Income Masterclass.

BONUS #4: 5 Live Weekly Training Classes Worth $1,250

For the entire month of March in 2022, you'll be able to join my ongoing coaching program's weekly training class! This is priceless, you'll get to attend 5 of them for free.

BONUS #5: How To Use Paid Ads To Generate Leads Daily Video Presentation Worth $99

In this "never-been-released" video presentation, I revealed the real secret about paid ads - the only way to make it work so that you don't lose money. I'll also teach how our company use it to generate leads daily and turning the leads into sales.


To have more fun for this launch, I'm going to a very special bonus: If 70% of the Marin Marireis NFTs are sold out in February 2022, you'll get a special bonus as the collector of it. You'll get my WakeUp Millionaire NFT for free! If you've already collected this first-minted NFT, you'll now have another one in your collection (you can sell it in the future).


Kindly email us at with your transaction ID to claim for the bonuses.

Don't Miss The Drop On February 17th, 2022!

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